Should I add Ductwork to a Three-Season Room to Use it Year-Round?

Making the best use of all the spaces in your home often leads to a common question - Should I add ductwork to a three-season room to make it usable year-round?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer. Quite simply, the answer is that it depends. But this does not help you, does it?

Let’s look at a few factors which come into play when making this decision.


Oftentimes, in older three-season rooms, windows are abundant and insulation is lacking. These features leave plenty of room for energy leaks. In short, the structure was just not designed for comfort in extreme temperatures.

Adding ductwork to this type of room would likely disappoint. High heating and cooling requirements accompany the lack of insulation and the common single-paned window. The bottom-line is that the room would be cold in the winter and warm in the summer.

If, however, a year-round retreat is your heart’s desire, you have options.

Investing in a window upgrade and pumping insulation into walls solves the heating and cooling problems. Or, talking to a professional to install a mini-split system rather than ductwork may be best for you. 

Current HVAC System

Adding Ductwork to a 3 season room - is it worth it? | Forquer Heating & Air ConditioningFurnaces and air conditioners work best if appropriately sized for the area they are intended to heat or cool. Not too big. Not too small. If the current system fits the existing home (minus the new room), your comfort throughout the home will be compromised when ductwork is installed.

A load calculation conducted by our professionals determines if the current system can handle the additional load of the three-season room. If so, moving ahead with your plans proves reasonable.

If not, increasing the capacity of your furnace is an option. However, this investment proves costly if not already on your home project list. Options other than ductwork may be available. Again, talking with a professional takes your unique situation into consideration.

Your Decision

And there is more... Foundation and roof types, thermostat location, the size and orientation of the three-season room and other factors come into play as well.

Fortunately, you do not need to navigate these factors to make a decision on your own. As heating and cooling professionals, we bring expertise and options to the conversation. In other words, we are on your side in figuring out the best choice for your home and dreams.

Contact us today so we can answer your questions personally.

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