WiFi Set-Back Thermostats Benefit You and Pay for Themselves

With modern Wi-Fi set-back thermostats, keeping your home at the right temperature is not only easy, it can save you money and give you flexibility. For every degree that you decide to cool or heat your home each month, the costs come directly out of your bank account.

On hot summer days and cold winter nights, this comfort may be worth the money, after all, that’s what your heating and cooling system is for. On the other hand, while you’re away from your home or sleeping, this is simply money that is going to waste. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “You can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7°-10° F for 8 hours a day.” Regardless of where you live, this is a huge savings over the course of a year, let alone over the next decade.

As alluring as these numbers are, in order to achieve these savings, you’ll have to remember to turn down your thermostat every day. Consistency is the key to achieving both energy efficiency and savings, but remembering to do this each day can be quite a challenge. With a set-back thermostat, these adjustments are controlled automatically, ensuring that you’re seeing the savings that you deserve. With savings like this year-in and year-out, it isn’t hard to see how purchasing a set-back thermostat will pay for itself many times over.

WiFi Thermostats make your home a smart homeIn addition to cost savings, a set-back thermostat also provides comfort, reliability, and offers a higher level of flexibility. These systems are programmable, allowing you to set the optimal temperature in your home for the hours that you’re most active, and reduce energy consumption while you’re away, or at night while you’re sleeping.

When choosing a set-back thermostat, the Home Owners Network asserts that choosing a quality system is essential, as it will be easier to configure and maintain. Having an easy to control interface makes it simple to update for more efficiency, seasonal changes, and going on vacation. This is not only an environmentally-friendly approach, it also keeps your home at a consistently comfortable temperature while you’re there. Trusted industry leaders like Honeywell have built Wi-Fi access into their thermostat’s controls, allowing you to monitor and adjust them from anywhere in the world. You can even receive notifications in the event that your heating or cooling system malfunctions. Imagine how valuable it would be to know that there is something wrong with your furnace while you’re away on vacation. You could save yourself from coming home to a disaster.

When you live in an area of the world where the temperature changes so frequently like we do, being able to control the temperature of your home or business at your fingertips is invaluable. Want to have a WiFi set-back thermostat installed in your property today? Contact a Forquer Heating and Cooling expert today and we’ll get the process started.

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